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Pedal to Lose weight and Getfit2…

I spent a very wet day Friday cycle coaching. If you’re dressed for the weather then it’s not so bad really. I was warm, and I was mainly dry. 

So different to Wednesday when I also spent the day cycling but this time is was mountain biking – pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit» Read more

Are you getting ready to Escape the Gym, lose weight and feel great?

So this week is the preparation week to get your mind, your body… and your kitchen cupboards ready for the start which is Monday 20 January 2014. weight loss getfit2.co.uk

Read on to get some tips before starting any plan … » Read more

It’s Not All About Weight Loss

When you look in the mirror, or get dressed do you feel unhappy with what you see…is it just about weight loss?

I have just finished delivering another of my Escape the Gym and Lose Weight online courses. It’s great to see how the women on the course have lost inches, and see the photo’s they’ve taken wearing jeans or a skirt that was too tight and now fits comfortably.

But I found out some time ago that weight loss is not always about weight loss! » Read more

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