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Visualisation – you have the power

Before you start your journey

Visualise your goal   

Isn’t it amazing how motivated and inspired you feel when you achieve something? It affects your whole outlook on what you are capable of doing.

I achieved my first full back bridge in Ashtanga Yoga today after practicing…and previously not feeling strong enough to do it.

When I was 8 I was doing back bends all the time, and so easily without thinking about it. I remember just ‘playing’ with my sister and getting into a crab position as we called it.

So what happened between the age of 8 and 40 plus? I stopped practicing…and stopped seeing myself doing it.

Visualisation is a powerful tool. pennygetfit2 visualisation

Today, with guidance from David the Ashtanga yoga teacher at Whitespace Yoga , I was not only guided in how to achieve the position, I was preparing myself through paired practice and in so doing visualising myself in that position…and I gave myself the confidence to try it
without assistance.

For me it wasn’t about strength, it was about positioning and confidence in my ability. So thank you David for helping me with that.

Yes I need some more practice, maybe weight in my shoulders more rather than my legs. But I know I will get that right with practice.

So set yourself a goal, visualise your goal and the journey you make towards achieving it…ask for help when you need it…but be confident that you will achieve it.