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Is it my hormones or is it warm in here?

Do you suffer from hot flushes or night sweats? 

Have you tried liquorice root to help the symptoms? (No, not the liquorice you get in the sweatshop!)

Many supermarkets are selling liquorice teas now. Teapigs do a very tasty liquorice and peppermint (I was lucky enough to try this at a friend’s this week as she had been given some free samples!)pennygetfit2 liquorice

Many women have told me over the last few years that they have been sprinkling flax seeds on their breakfast cereals to combat hot flushes.

But there is no research supporting flax seeds helping with heated moments. (Although they are good for increasing fibre intake so keep going with them if you are following this regime.)

There is supporting evidence towards licorice helping with hot flushes…so go buy some tea ladies if you are suffering.

But remember, the problem can also be exacerbated by too high a sugar intake in your diet.

So combine the liquorice tea with a lifestyle change towards sugar and you’ll be well on your way to combating those tropical moments.


Menopause and Weight Gain

Why do women put on weight when they get to their menopause years?

There are many reasons but one of them is to do with the drop in oestrogen levels.

Oestrogen is produce in women in the ovaries until menopause.
belly fat
Oestrodial is the strongest and the main source of oestrogen until menopause, and then the body switches to oestrone as its source.

Oestrone is produced in the adrenal glands and the fat cells.

The body will produce more fat cells to produce more oestrone…

…and will protect these fat cells so it can keep producing more oestrone. 

One way to overcome this is to gain lean muscle tissue to keep the metabolism fired up. This means resistance training.

dumbellsdumbells metal
Resistance training will help to keep using up your glycogen stores in your muscles so when you eat you don’t lay down fat.



…as long as you don’t tuck into pizza and chips afterwards of course :0)


Yolk or White…or both?

I got really excited when I cracked my egg open to find a double yolk. It reminded me of when I used to cook with my Nanna…if we ever got a double yolk she said it was lucky.

…and I couldn’t believe it when the second egg came up with another double yolker!

I think now-a-days they scan the eggs and remove the double yolk eggs for some reason. (Not sure if that’s true…anyone else know and if so why!)

pennygetfit2 hormones need fat

Anyway…let’s get back to the blog…

Hormones need fat!

Do you mess about separating your yolk from the white of your eggs before making your omelette or scrambled eggs?

Do you think you are being healthier by ditching the yolk and just consuming the white of the egg?

Do you…(I hate this even more!) buy egg whites in a carton instead of whole natural eggs in their shells!!!

The body needs fat for many reasons…and one on those reasons is hormone balance.

The reproductive hormones can’t get around your body without fat. 

Without the proper dietary fat coming in, your body won’t have the building blocks necessary to keep your hormones balanced, which can make you vulnerable to many hormonal symptoms.

So save the faffing about and eat the whole egg…yolk and all.

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