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Menopause and Weight Gain

Why do women put on weight when they get to their menopause years?

There are many reasons but one of them is to do with the drop in oestrogen levels.

Oestrogen is produce in women in the ovaries until menopause.
belly fat
Oestrodial is the strongest and the main source of oestrogen until menopause, and then the body switches to oestrone as its source.

Oestrone is produced in the adrenal glands and the fat cells.

The body will produce more fat cells to produce more oestrone…

…and will protect these fat cells so it can keep producing more oestrone. 

One way to overcome this is to gain lean muscle tissue to keep the metabolism fired up. This means resistance training.

dumbellsdumbells metal
Resistance training will help to keep using up your glycogen stores in your muscles so when you eat you don’t lay down fat.



…as long as you don’t tuck into pizza and chips afterwards of course :0)


Practice Does Make Perfect

Practice makes perfect…what exercise do you want to do but find you have a block to achieving?

Maybe it’s a press-up. I have heard many times from clients ‘I can’t do press-ups’. I love to help them prove themselves wrong.

…and they do in a matter of a few weeks!
Set yourself a timetable to practice every morning before you brush your teach to practice the exercise you want to improve.

Decide how many you will practice…or for how long. 5 press-ups/2 minutes…it doesn’t have to be long.

Set yourself a progression, start off easy and when that is achievable move to the next progression.

If it is press-ups then start with a wall press, then move down to a using the bed to press your hands on, then a table press – each time moving down a little lower – then move down to the floor.

You may not be able to get your chest down to the floor but half way is better than nothing. Keep practicing every day and within a month check out your progress.

It isn’t a press-up I want to achieve, it’s the Bakasana Crane Pose. I managed 5 seconds today. Needs some tidying up but I managed to hold my body weight. So i’ll keep practicing, after all…practice makes perfect.
Penny Getfit2 practice makes perfect
I would love to see what you have achieved. Post your practice pictures to my GetFit2 Facebook page and be proud of what you have achieved.