Portions the size of your fist…not your head!

When you eat a jacket potato how big is it?

Probably about the size of your fist?

To get the right amount of carbohydrates in each of your meals the size of your fist is a good guide to use…that’s your fist and not anyone else’s :0)

This is also a good guide to think about when you are making your oven chips or potato wedges…if you scooped them all together, would they make up one potato the size of your fist?

Possibly not…

Funny how we wouldn’t consider eating 2-3 jacket potatoes, but that’s the portion size you get if you were to buy a bag of chips from the local chippy! Mm, something to think about…

So remember, with every meal, fill your plate with loads of veg and/or salad, a portion of protein (the size of your fist), and a portion of carbs – the size of your fist …and not your head!!

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