Pedal to Lose weight and Getfit2…

I spent a very wet day Friday cycle coaching. If you’re dressed for the weather then it’s not so bad really. I was warm, and I was mainly dry. 

So different to Wednesday when I also spent the day cycling but this time is was mountain biking – pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fitand if you would rather not get wet then it’s so easy to get your bike out when the sun is shining.getfit2 cycle pedalset

Being active is for people of all ages and it does not need to be intense physical activity – a leisurely bike ride can be fun, getting outdoors is even better when the sun is shining…and it is far better than having good intensions of going to the gym but putting it off because you really don’t enjoy it.


  • 70% of women and 60% of men fail to reach even the recommended minimum level of physical activity (30 mins of moderate intensity exercise 5 times per week.)  Ref: CTC
  • Non-cyclists take up to 18% more time off sick than regular commuting cyclist. Ref: Hendriksen et al, 2010
  • Recent estimates suggest that the health benefits from physical activity outweigh the risks by up to 77:1. Ref: Rojas-Ruede et al, 2011

It really is an easy way to exercise – and it gets you around quicker than walking.

It’s also much easier on your legs, ankles, knees and feet than running.cycling for fun and fitness


It doesn’t just work your legs.

Without you probably realising it, it also gives your tummy muscles a workout as well as your arms and helps strengthen your back… and of course your legs.

So cycling; in working your legs and toning them up, it also increases mobility in your hips and knee joints. How great is that?


Other Benefits With Regular Bike Rides

With some regular bike rides you will notice that not only can you ride further but you are getting there quicker as well. Giving your heart a workout; improving stamina; improving coordination; and reducing your stress levels.

Also, check out the change in your body shape…nice toned butt, legs, tummy and arms – in fact all over! You will be burning calories and if you are eating right then burning fat as well.


  • During the year ending October 2012, 10% of adults in England cycled at least once per week. 3% of adults cycled at least 5 times per week. Ref: Active People Survey, by Sport England


Are you going to join them in 2014?


If you don’t want to ride on your own, here are some links to groups.


Breeze (women only bike rides from beginners to improvers)


For family/female/male bike rides

Or maybe you are not very confident and would like some cycle coaching yourself? Get in touch with me, Penny, and I can guide you to a coach in your area Email:

pedalset pedal set bikeability

And if you have a child in year 5 or 6 at school in Beds, Bucks or Herts enquire about Bikeability  or email PedalSet  






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