Is your body screaming ‘HELP ME’?

 I am sure all gym Personal Trainers are not the same…In fact I know they’re not. But I have seen some that really give PTs a bad name.

I watched one PT work with his client (whose goal was weight loss), she attended twice a week. Each time she went straight into the gym to meet her PT and did the same thing every time. Walking on the tread mill and then 10 minutes punching the PT – no not literally although I think I may have!! The PT was wearing pads and she, boxing gloves…and that was the session…every session.

So maybe that was what she like, maybe that was what she wanted, maybe she didn’t know any different!

She was not given any nutrition advice or coaching to see what she could change or any time outside of that exercise session – apart from a weekly weight in on bathroom scales. oh how heartbreaking that must that have been! I went to that gym for 3 months and I didn’t see any change in her body shape.

I would have been so bored!

Her muscles were probably bored as well… ‘oh done this before so we don’t need to change’!

So two issues here, in order to get benefits from an exercise programme you have to vary what you do after a time. It’s called progression.

The other thing is you just cannot out train a bad diet.

GetFit2 giant biscuits

You can exercise every day and constantly be on the go but if you are eating rubbish…you are going to keep the weight on and most importantly your body systems are not going to be working properly so you’ll feel rubbish as well!!

So if you have a varied exercise plan in place you then need to have a healthy eating plan in place as well.

Let’s quickly mention slimming clubs here like Weight Watchers. As I understand it, they use a ‘counting system that allows you to eat what you like, when you like, until you reach your daily points total’. Some people get on fine with this but to me eating what you like when you like reminds me of someone I met a few years ago.

This is what she did…saved up her daily calorie allowance and ate it all in chocolate!

I’m not saying that’s what Weight Watchers would agree to with their points system, but that to me is eating what you like when you like until you reach your ‘points’ or in her case ‘calories’.

A healthy eating plan does not count points or calories. In order for your body systems to work properly, and for fat loss to happen, you need to cut out the processed foods.

Yes it’s still OK to have a food treat now and then. But it’s when the ‘now and then’ turns into 2-3 times a day.

So I mentioned body systems – one of these is the digestive system.

Now if your diet is full of processed foods, and the majority of these contain a list of ingredients (and many of them you can’t even pronounce let alone identify), then your digestive system for one is not going to be happy.

If you suffer with indigestion and burping, wind, bloating, constipation then this is an obvious sign that things are not right. If your stomach is unhappy because too many toxins are messing about with your hormones and metabolism, then you will get cravings for sugar or starchy carbohydrates and/or high calorie foods.

Start reading the labels on the food you buy. How many ingredients are listed and do you know what they are?

Decide to swap one processed thing in your diet that you regularly eat… it could be crisps or chocolate, or maybe a ready to heat packaged meal. Now think about what you could swap it for.

Making a small change to your diet will after a couple of weeks become a good habit and then you can introduce something else.

Small changes make big results in the long term…and a healthy tummy!


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