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I wish I had hired Penny years ago!

Finally a programme that is toning me up and shifting some fat.

I asked Penny to get me in to shape for my holiday. We only had 4 weeks but the results were impressive .

At first I kept a food diary, just writing down everything you eat and drink makes you think twice about whether you really need it!

Having weighed and measured me and put me through various fitness tests Penny devised a half hour circuit programme for me to do every other day.  It doesn’t require a lot of space so it can be done at home or in the garden, perfect for  my busy schedule.

We spoke about food, not calorie counting, just healthy eating  and Penny sent me lots of recipes to try.

E-mails and texts from Penny kept me on track, giving me support and new exercises to try.

After just 4 weeks I could see the results.   I had a flatter stomach and my legs were begging to tone up. I lost 2 inches from my waist, an inch from my hips and my overall fitness level had improved.

Since my holiday I am back on the plan. I have some new exercises in the programme to keep my interest up and push myself physically.

I have had some laughs on the way and some sore bits but I am looking forward to the next weigh in and measure up to see how I have progressed.

After 25 years of aerobics and miles of running finally a programme that works !

I can’t recommend Penny highly enough.

Jane, July 2013, Cambridge


Testimonial I started working with Penny in an effort to become a little fitter. I have never been a great lover of physical exercise, perhaps with the exception of dancing and walking, and my attempts at gym membership have usually failed after several weeks. However, after eight months I am pleased to have established a pattern of exercise which works and which I seem to be able to sustain. Penny has been invaluable in this process. Firstly she listens and tailors her suggestions and expectations to what you have identified as being important. She encourages and gently challenges you to go that little bit further without ever being demanding or critical. This has suited me perfectly.  However, I imagine that she would be able to tailor her approach for people who need a greater challenge. The exercise regime has gradually increased over the months so that I can now do things which would have been difficult eight months ago. Exercises vary but are always easy to do at home with the minimum of equipment.  Penny is always cheerful and I enjoy having the opportunity to talk before we go through the exercise routine. This is an opportunity to share any health or general life issues as well as successes.  Has my fitness improved? Yes. Much to my delight the scales reveal an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in body fat. My metabolic age has reduced and my metabolic rate increased. I have never really been a person who is motivated by goals and the main thing for me it to feel the improvement in my abilities and to know that I am moving more and getting my heart pounding a little.  However, seeing improvement in the measures has been a big encouragement. I would happily recommend Penny to anyone who needs direction in making some health related changes.


Christine Miskelly, February 2013 Bedfordshire


You get to a point in your life – well I did – when enough is enough! The fat HAD to go. I felt awful about myself, felt tired all the time and was becoming very lazy.  BUT…….. we all know ourselves very well and if you’re like me, you know motivation to achieve is unlikely to happen on your own. I couldn’t even start. I have absolutely no will power when it comes to doing something my head says “yes that’s the logical thing to do”  but where my will says “tomorrow…..” which invariably, never comes. Ms Lazy brain had taken over my life! That’s when I called in Penny.Gently and with good humour Penny will help you accept that your lifestyle is hindering your desired goal. In my case, the wrong food groups, portions that were too large, not enough water and a complete lack of physical exercise…(well, deep down I knew the last bit). Penny understood that “I don’t do running” and I have no intention of exercising every day, although she did try very hard to make it easy for me to do so. Instead, working with my dodgy knee, back issues and asymmetric muscle performance (don’t ask!) she came up with an exercise programme suited just to me, that changed as I did and produced the results I wanted….maybe not as fast I might have liked but then I do have the patience of a gnat and it’s taken me five years to get to this unwanted point, so what did I expect really.The important thing is that my ten week course of one to ones is over and I still exercise, drink lots of water, eat in a way that compliments my body’s needs and I continue not only to loose weight but I am so much fitter. I have no doubt that this will help me enjoy all the activities I love, more without the expected side effects of being hungry all the time, of not being able to eat ‘nice’ things, not having the time to fit exercise in and not being able to manage any changes into a life full of work and family. Ms Lazy brain has also left the house!

This really is the best thing I have done for my health in a very long time.


Suzanne Welch  St Neots Cambridgeshire  June 2012



 I found that instead of weight loss I lost inches which I was pleased about. The exercises Penny put together for us helped us to tone up and lose fat. I still followthe information about portion sizes and remember the shock of the group when we looked at food labels after learning about them. 

Kerry (after completing a Women and Weightloss 4 week Group PT)


Dear Penny I am writing to let you know that I have just come back from clothes shopping and for the first time in 10years I bought a pair of size 12 jeans! Also lots of other things all in size twelve! I have tried so many diets over the years and lost a few pounds here and there only for them to go back on after a few weeks of going back to normal eating. The difference this time is exercise combined with sensible eating not dieting.Your help and encouragement has egged me on and I cannot believe the difference in my fitness and stamina after only 4 weeks. I can honestly say that it started as hard work but within a short time has turned into a pleasure; I would never have believed that I actually wanted to exercise for enjoyment. I keep looking at myself in the mirror and honestly can`t believe the transformation.

 Thank you Penny for this life changing achievement

 With very best wishes



* * * * * Penny is a brilliant addition to my world. She is friendly, understanding and good at motivating. I hated nearly every form of exercise and sport until I took up weekly sessions with Penny and soon found myself looking forward to each occasion we worked together! She helps me to exercise, to think more postively and to eat more healthily. Penny is great! * * * * * All the best – Jo xx                                          (December 2011)
Sarah before during after

Sarah’s Weight Loss


I have been having sessions with Penny for a while now and the results are absolutely brilliant! 

I have lost weight and toned up in such a short space of time thanks to the fitness regime Penny has put in place for me. 

Penny understands my goals and what I want to achieve and makes sure she pushes me hard enough to reach them.  I thoroughly enjoy my sessions and the variety of different work outs we do and I always look forward to seeing Penny because we always do something different targeting all different areas of the body.  As much as it is hard work it and I’m thoroughly exhausted at the end of it, I can’t wait for the next session because Penny makes it so enjoyable and fun.  

The main thing is Penny really cares about her clients and always offers support and encouragement which is vitally important. 

I can’t recommend her enough!’


Sarah Brett, Norwich                


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