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Ladies, want to get slimmer and healthier? Get it today!


• Do you want to lose weight but feel stuck and frustrated and don’t know where to start?

• Are you thinking about Weight Watchers but really can’t bear a public weigh in?

• Are you too embarrassed to work out in front of people but need to exercise?

• Do you need daily support and motivation to keep you on track but can’t afford a personal trainer?

• Do you need daily encouragement to make changes but can’t afford one-to-one coaching?


Then I think you will find this online programme just for you


An online support programme ‘Escape the Gym and Lose Weight in 21 Days’ with daily video and emails to help and support you to weight loss and better health



2 weeks before

Preparation starts…

Start the 21 days

Escape the gym

and lose weight in 21 days – time to create some great lifetime habits


21 Days later

You will now feel slimmer, fitter, healthier and more positive about yourself.

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Maybe you would like to sign up for the 7 steps workbook while you are waiting? It’s a great resource which will help you discover a lot of things about how to succeed at weight loss.

‘7 Steps to Coach Myself Slim’


And in the meantime…
For when the next programe runs…here is some more information about the 21 day online course…

When you sign up you get:

  • Daily contact from a highly qualified personal trainer and coach.
  • Food and nutrition information to stop cravings, regulate your hormones and aid fat burning
  • Mindset coaching activities that change negative thoughts into a positive attitudes
  • At least 10 Fitness Pilates videos for you to follow to help with flexibility
  • Minimum of 10 short video exercise routines to help burn off those excess inches
  • 21 daily emails to support and motivate you to succeed
  • Lots of recipes and meal ideas to help you eat healthily
  • Hints and tips to guide you along the way to weight loss


Why is this different to Weight Watchers?

The real difference with this programme is that you get daily support rather than a weekly check in.

Also there are no points, colours or calories to count.

You eat real unprocessed food which is readily available and easy to prepare.

As well as food guidance you also get daily workout videos and daily mind and motivation coaching emails.


I don’t have to time to fit exercise into my day

You’ll only need to commit to around 15 minutes of exercise a day and you don’t have to leave the house to do it – so you can do it in your PJs if you want to before your morning shower! :0)


I don’t have enough room or equipment for exercise

I recorded the videos in my dining room, and used things such as a dining room chair, a table, the wall! So having no equipment is not a problem. This is why the programme is called ‘Escape the Gym’. If you are used to exercise then you can hold dumbbells or weights in your hands, but this is not a requirement.


I’ve tried diets before and put the weight straight back on

Because this programme gives you

1) nutrition guidance – which will stop your cravings

2) Regular workouts which you can follow to your own fitness level


3) Mind coaching techniques and activities which will help you overcome the mental blocks and help make the lifestyle changes and good habits you succeed.

It is not a diet. You put some great habits into place. After 21 days women have continued with their new way of eating and exercising that they have fitted into THEIR lifestyle…so they continue with it.


How much weight will I lose?

Women have lost up to 9 pound in total body weight but the real test is how many inches you lose. For this reason you are asked to measure yourself not only with a measuring tape but also with an item of your clothing.

Bathroom scales weigh our total body weight and that includes water, fat, muscle… and all these things impact on the figure we see on the scales. We want to lose body fat and increase muscle to show a lovely toned figure…and this won’t be reflected in the number on the scales – but it will be reflected in your clothing when it becomes looser!


Apart from weight loss, are there any other benefits?

You can expect to lose inches and get rid of your bloated belly, reduce stress levels, increase vitality and your overall health…and that’s just for starters!


Here are some of the things women said whilst on this programme…

Day 5 I’m feeling pretty good, not suffering from hunger, with dieting I always get constipation but it’s not the case this time

Day 8 – I’ve lost 4 pounds!

Day 8 – I have no cravings except for the nuts in my cupboard. And maybe a cup of tea at this time in the afternoon

Day 9 I have been surprised by how much less I have craved chocolate, considering that it was my weakness,

Day 9 I have done all of the workouts…some have been more of a struggle than others.  I do enjoy the workouts.

Day 10 – I do find the daily interactions help keep me focussed and on track.

Day 15 – I’ve done quite well with the food and not even fancied a biscuit

Day 15 – I weighed myself – total now is 6lbs which is good

Day 21 – it was really useful to reflect on my habit changes and I have changed more than I thought.

Day 21 – I used to go on a chocolate run at work every day, now I take fruit or a Nakd bar with me so that I don’t get tempted.  After reducing my intake I found that I wanted it less.

Day 21 – I really feel that I’ve adopted new eating habits which will stay with me forever.

Day 21 – I’ve discovered new things to eat, and new ways of approaching food in general

Day 21 – total loss 18cm, half dress size, 5 pound

Day 21 – Total loss 27cm, my trousers fit me! 2.5 kg

Day 21 – Total loss 20cm, 9 pound

Day 22 – I did my grocery shopping today and bought pretty much the same as I have for the past 3 weeks, new habits are in place.


I’m so sorry but you’ve missed the start of this programme :0(

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I’m so sorry but you’ve missed the start of this programme :0(

Want to jump onto the next one?

Email Penny NOW so you are included in the next programme

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