Don’t start…not just yet!

Christmas is over… but I bet you still have looooooads of food left over,

chocolates, mince pies, cakes, biscuits, turkey, sausage rolls.

Don’t know about you but it’s difficult to cut back to normal when you are surrounded by all that temptation?

So don’t….cut back to normal that is.

Well not straight away.

Give yourself a date of when you are going to start back on your road to health and fitness and mark it on your calendar… somewhere you can see it regularly.

As well as on your calendar, post-it notes are great for this, acting as little reminders.


So decide on a date and write it down on…

•  Your calendar
•   Place a post-it note on the fridge door
•   In your diary
•   Stick a post-it note on your mirrors… in your bedroom, in your bathroom…
•   Set some count-down reminders on your mobile …1 week to go…4 days to go etc
•   Place a post it note next to your alarm clock so you read it before you go to sleep and when you wake up


You will prepare your mind to be ready to start on your healthy eating journey on your specified date… and in the meantime you can gradually start cutting back on the Christmas holiday excesses. Doing it this way will also help to alleviate headaches and cravings that detoxing can bring after all the sugar, additives, stimulants eaten over the festivities.

This really is the best way to start, getting mind and body prepared, and the best way to be successful in your health and fitness.


I expect as well that New Year’s celebrations will bring another couple of days of more alcohol and rich food so set your date for after this event!


Let me know if you have any other ideas so we can share them to help others.


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and fantastic healthy and fit 2014


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