3 Healthy Carb Alternatives

Do you eat the same meals over again? The same pasta meals, the same vegetables, the same meat and 2 veg style meals?

If you want to lose weight and/or have better health, maybe it’s time to think outside of the usual. 

By eating different varieties of vegetables, fruit and meat you are making sure you are getting a variety of different vitamins and minerals so this is a good reason to add variety to your meals. Every winter the usual colds and flu follow, so by making sure you get the right amount of nutrients you will also help your immune system in fighting off those bugs.

What about then if your main meals are starchy carbohydrate based – that’s potatoes, pasta, rice for example, and you really can’t imagine meals without those as a base? The UK’s diet is high in carbs, and many of those carbs come from sugary foods and starchy foods. If we eat more carbs than the body needs, the body puts the excess into our fat cells. So if you want to lose weight here is a good reason to cut back the quantity on your plate.

So what can you eat instead?

Potatoes – choose sweet potatoes instead of your usual potato. You can cook them exactly the same way, jacket potato, roasted, mashed…and remember, choose a portion the size of your fist NOT THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD :0)

Put simply, sweet potatoes have less effect on our blood sugar levels so you won’t get so much of a sugar spike. Carbs are basically sugar and what goes up must come down, so when blood sugar levels drop…that’s when we crave more carbs!

Rice – I may need to convince you more about this one but try it…getfit2.co.uk Cauliflower Rice

A great alternative to rice

  • which has less effect on your blood sugar levels
  • far less calories if you believe in counting them
  • doesn’t contain a grain of rice
  • but looks very convincingly like rice
  • and tastes like a rice meal

So what is it? …grated cauliflower! I know, you’re thinking I couldn’t imagine anything worse! But believe me, you WILL think you’re eating rice!

Grate the cauliflower (I put it in a food processer to grind it up), lightly fry it (use coconut oil for the perfect  healthy option) with an onion, garlic, cumin spice, chopped red pepper, or any other veg you choose – you can also add an egg for special fried rice or cooked chicken or other meat! How easy is that? And here is a picture to show you it looks as good as it tastes.

Pasta – so what can you use instead of pasta? Courgette! Using a vegetable peeler, peel off slices length ways so it forms ribbons. There you have tagliatelle! You can also cut it really find or if you have a fancy kitchen tool (or have time to cut it thinly with a knife) and make it into spaghetti strings instead. Once cut into your pasta shapes, lightly cook it by steaming and then add your bolognaise sauce over the top.

So three healthy alternatives to help lower your carbohydrates and get more vitamins…and help with weight loss!



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