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Portions the size of your fist…not your head!

When you eat a jacket potato how big is it?

Probably about the size of your fist?

To get the right amount of carbohydrates in each of your meals the size of your fist is a good guide to use…that’s your fist and not anyone else’s :0)

This is also a good guide to think about when you are making your oven chips or potato wedges… » Read more

Are you getting ready to Escape the Gym, lose weight and feel great?

So this week is the preparation week to get your mind, your body… and your kitchen cupboards ready for the start which is Monday 20 January 2014. weight loss

Read on to get some tips before starting any plan … » Read more

Don’t start…not just yet!

Christmas is over… but I bet you still have looooooads of food left over,

chocolates, mince pies, cakes, biscuits, turkey, sausage rolls.

Don’t know about you but it’s difficult to cut back to normal when you are surrounded by all that temptation?

So don’t….cut back to normal that is. » Read more

Happy Christmas Indulgences!

Thinking about it, my Christmas celebrations started a few weeks’ back…just simple things like a visit to Marks and Spencer where they were giving samples of port and granola biscuits, champagne and all butter shortbread. Now that’s the type of shopping I like – I didn’t need any tea when I got home, I was full!


Then there was the exchanging presents with family and friends – the visit included mince pies and a glass of wine or a box of fancy biscuits were opened. We would normally just put the kettle on and have a cuppa when visiting! » Read more

Autumnal Soup and Bugs!

Autumn the clocks have now gone back signalling the end of summer and this means we have officially moved into autumn and then comes winter.

I’ve been working in schools and mixing with lots of people which makes the odds for catching any bug going round higher than normal….and if you have children they will no doubt bring home the bugs to share with you.

So now is a good time to boost your immune system and dose up on:  » Read more

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