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Do you suffer from fois gras!

If you go onto Google Translate and translate fatty liver into French…the translation is fois gras!


The French delicacy fois gras is made by force-feeding ducks starchy carbohydrates (corn), which turns to sugar.

Fatty liver = hepatitis from eating too much sugar (and an unhealthy diet all round)

Having a fatty liver causes problems as our liver is unable to work properly which leads to a further increased load of toxins in our bodies, creating more disease.

Can you choose one thing this week to help your liver out? Here are some ideas

  • Start your day with a protein breakfast instead of sugary cereals
  • Reduce the amount of sugar you have in your cups of tea/coffee
  • Swap your afternoon cake/Mars bar/crisps for some almonds


Maybe you have some other healthy ideas? I’d love to hear them…share on my facebook page getfit2 or email me  :0)

Trillions of them…

How is your microflora today?

Your gut is the body’s largest immune organ and this is where your microflora lives… trillions of good and bad bacteria!

The balance of those good (70%) and bad (30%) bacteria is needed for immune function…and the basis of many other body systems to work

Naturally fermented foods such as cottage cheese, miso, soy sauce, fresh sauerkraut and also bio-yoghurts and kefir (a fermented milk drink) contain healthy bacteria.

If you have

  • recently taken antibiotics

  • had a bout of sickness or diarrhoea or

  • are generally feeling unwell

invest in a probiotic supplement to give your gut a healthy chance of fighting back.

Optibac is a make I have used, available in Superdrugs, Boots and also online (a few pence cheaper!)

Take care of your gut health as it supports many other body systems.

Turkish Words and Gut Health

Kefir – what and why?

I’ve been making my own Kefir. Why? Because it has loads of healthy gut bacteria.

It comes from the Turkish word ‘keif’ which means good feeling. It is a sort of fermented yoghurt drink full of probiotics, the microbes that live in our gut.

The health benefits are

  • boosting immunity

  • calming inflammation

  • helping digestion and

  • creating amino acids (protein) and vitamins. 

I’m going to try it with coconut milk next time.

Once you have the ‘grains’ (which don’t look like grains at all…I would call them curds!) it is so easy to make.


pennygetfit2 kefir

Have you ever made your own probiotics?

How did it turn out?


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Flood your Body with Nutrients

I need more energy!

I’ve been checking out a nutrient dense greens drink that promises to

  • speed up metabolism (i’m needing that!)
  • help with digestion and therefore bloating
  • and it also contains over 18 natural and healthy ingredients.

I’ve just ordered a tub so will tell you what it tastes like when it arrives

…and after 14 days will tell you if I can notice any difference in my health!

Watch my video

Or just go straight to the site where I purchased my tub CLICK HERE

I will post again when the tub arrives and give you an honest opinion of what it tastes like!


Look at the greens website here:


Happy Christmas Indulgences!

Thinking about it, my Christmas celebrations started a few weeks’ back…just simple things like a visit to Marks and Spencer where they were giving samples of port and granola biscuits, champagne and all butter shortbread. Now that’s the type of shopping I like – I didn’t need any tea when I got home, I was full!


Then there was the exchanging presents with family and friends – the visit included mince pies and a glass of wine or a box of fancy biscuits were opened. We would normally just put the kettle on and have a cuppa when visiting! » Read more

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