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Fat Fuel

Fat is a good source of fuel

Can you make your energy last from breakfast to lunch…from lunch to dinner…from dinner to breakfast without snacking?

If you get hungry before lunch then maybe your breakfast does not contain the right macro nutrients. Too much sugar (in the form of carbohydrates – flour, grains, bread, cereals, sugar) and not enough protein and fat…yes FAT will not help your blood sugar levels

…and therefore not help you to last until lunch time for your next meal.

You burn fat when you don’t snack…so by eating 3 nutritious meals a day and not snacking in between you are allowing your body to burn its fat rather than the Penny Getfit2 mackerel saladconstant food you keep feeding on.

If you’re going to keep feeding your body it has no reason to burn the fat in your cells as you keep giving it new energy

Every meal should include protein and fat. Give it a try and notice what difference it makes.

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Dinner for Breakfast?

Does your day look something like this?

  • Breakfast – cereals and cow’s milk or toast
  • Lunch – 2 slices of bread with a meat or cheese filling
  • Dinner – pasta/potato/rice base with meat and a few veg


Who’s to say what constitutes a ‘breakfast’? Probably Mr Kellogg!

…and lunch? Maybe a ‘meal deal’ (Sandwich, drink and snack all for the bargain price of £3.50)

Usually it’s convenience. Cereals are not the healthiest of breakfasts. I often hear people tell me they don’t eat breakfast because if they do it’s the start of the whole day of grazing and snacking. » Read more

Breakfast and Enzymes

Common intolerances within our western diet are lactose, wheat and gluten. Intolerance to a food can occur when we eat too much of it.


In the UK the most common breakfast is cereal with milk – lactose, wheat and gluten!


Have a look in the supermarket, we have a whole isle dedicated to our breakfast cereals…and when you look at the ingredients of those Sugar Puffs, Cornflakes, Bran Flakes, Weetabix, Shreddies etc etc etc…each one is fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Have you thought about WHY?

Why does food have to have naturally occurring vitamins and minerals added?!?! » Read more

Does your mood affect your food?

Why should you keep a food diary?

Research has long highlighted that people who keep a record of what they eat and drink and how active they are (‘self monitoring’) have more weight loss success.

Writing down your intake also gives clues about where any extra calories are coming from. getfit2 food diary

Writing down everything you eat and drink can seem a chore and will be confronting. It will open your eyes to what you are eating and will also get you to think about why you are eating something, and this may not always be due to hunger! It may be because you see it in front of you, or perhaps because you are feeling bored, unhappy, stressed or maybe » Read more

Portions the size of your fist…not your head!

When you eat a jacket potato how big is it?

Probably about the size of your fist?

To get the right amount of carbohydrates in each of your meals the size of your fist is a good guide to use…that’s your fist and not anyone else’s :0)

This is also a good guide to think about when you are making your oven chips or potato wedges… » Read more

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