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80% of women…

This is a scary statistic…nearly 80% of women aged between 40-60 are either overweight, obese, inactive or (and??) drink too much.

(Guildelines for alcohol intake is no more than 14 units per week – both men and women)

Will you make any changes to move away from that statistic?

I see about 15 people a week coaching them to improved health. The main issue with many of them is that they spend the majority of the day sitting at a desk.

How can you break this up when you have a sedentary job?

  • Lunch time walk?
  • Walking to the next block of toilets or coffee machine?
  • Walk to chat to a colleague instead of calling?
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Walking meetings
  • Stand when on the phone
  • Get a standing desk (if funds are available)
  • If you get an hour’s lunch break – 30 minutes could be spent doing a fitness class
  • Stretch every hour – minimum!!

Practice Does Make Perfect

Practice makes perfect…what exercise do you want to do but find you have a block to achieving?

Maybe it’s a press-up. I have heard many times from clients ‘I can’t do press-ups’. I love to help them prove themselves wrong.

…and they do in a matter of a few weeks!
Set yourself a timetable to practice every morning before you brush your teach to practice the exercise you want to improve.

Decide how many you will practice…or for how long. 5 press-ups/2 minutes…it doesn’t have to be long.

Set yourself a progression, start off easy and when that is achievable move to the next progression.

If it is press-ups then start with a wall press, then move down to a using the bed to press your hands on, then a table press – each time moving down a little lower – then move down to the floor.

You may not be able to get your chest down to the floor but half way is better than nothing. Keep practicing every day and within a month check out your progress.

It isn’t a press-up I want to achieve, it’s the Bakasana Crane Pose. I managed 5 seconds today. Needs some tidying up but I managed to hold my body weight. So i’ll keep practicing, after all…practice makes perfect.
Penny Getfit2 practice makes perfect
I would love to see what you have achieved. Post your practice pictures to my GetFit2 Facebook page and be proud of what you have achieved.


Prepare…take care of yourself

Do you get a regular sports massage or are you more reactive and only get one when you’re injured?

I am guilty of that!

My injured Achilles is having lots of treatment…I should probably have visited Paul earlier than I did!

But I didn’t have chance to as I was coaching, and training and…exercising!!!

So today’s therapy from my specialist sports injury and physio was…discussion, massage, scraping using myofascial instrument, more massage…then stretching. OOOOOUUUUUCH!!

But it’s worth it.

Another couple of weeks and I may be able to start getting back to normal…well not quite normal because my normal is different from other people’s normal due to it being my job!

So what I would say to you is…treat yourself once a month (or more if you can) to a massage.

• It gets rid of the niggles
• Moves the blood round your body improving circulation
• Helps reduce stress
• Loosens tight muscles

…and loads more

It doesn’t have to be a full on sports massage. Go for a deep tissue instead and a good therapist should ask what sort of pressure you prefer.

Book yourself a massage this week…you’ll feel so much better for it.

Pedal to Lose weight and Getfit2…

I spent a very wet day Friday cycle coaching. If you’re dressed for the weather then it’s not so bad really. I was warm, and I was mainly dry. 

So different to Wednesday when I also spent the day cycling but this time is was mountain biking – pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit» Read more

Do you cross your legs when you cough or laugh?

Do you give your pelvic floor a workout ladies?

Many of the women I have worked with in my role as a fitness professional have mentioned in passing that their pelvic floor is not great. Most, if they’ve had children, are also aware of the Kegal exercises – the squeeze and release, lift and hold exercises we often forget to do!

I know after I had given birth I was given a sheet of paper showing some movements to do regularly but nobody went through why or how often, or even asked if I had done them…and when you’re home with baby, the visits and appointments are about baby and not you. » Read more

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