Are you getting ready to Escape the Gym, lose weight and feel great?

So this week is the preparation week to get your mind, your body… and your kitchen cupboards ready for the start which is Monday 20 January 2014. weight loss

Read on to get some tips before starting any plan …

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Why do you have to prepare? Well when you start any journey you prepare before you leave…don’t you?

…if you go by public transport you know which number bus to get on or which station you are going from and where you have to get off, and maybe you buy a ticket beforehand?

If you go by car you check the fuel and oil? …and set the SatNav or check the map.

Imagine if you didn’t do these things…would you arrive at where you wanted to get to? Or would you fail, give up and go back to square one…home!?!

The same thing happens with weight loss…

By setting a date in your diary of when you are starting your health and fitness journey you are preparing your mind to get ready…and are more likely to succeed.

By making a note of where you are starting from…not just weight loss but also
• how your clothes fit you (or don’t fit you!)
• what your measurements are
• how well (or badly!) you sleep
• how confident you feel
• how many or how long you are able to do certain exercises for
• how much energy you have
• how stressed you feel

…making a note of these things you will be able to see how you have improved your overall health and also your wellbeing.

All these things mentally prepare you for getting started on your health and fitness journey.

Then of course you should think about what you will be eating and whether it fits in with your day to day plans and lifestyle. If you don’t plan around your work, family and lifestyle then you will be setting yourself up to fail right from the start. So this really is an important part of your journey.

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Every day you plan brings you nearer to the success you will see when you reach your health and fitness journey…and it won’t end there. You will create many new habits that will help you continue your journey for as long as you choose to follow it.

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