Dinner for Breakfast?

Does your day look something like this?

  • Breakfast – cereals and cow’s milk or toast
  • Lunch – 2 slices of bread with a meat or cheese filling
  • Dinner – pasta/potato/rice base with meat and a few veg


Who’s to say what constitutes a ‘breakfast’? Probably Mr Kellogg!

…and lunch? Maybe a ‘meal deal’ (Sandwich, drink and snack all for the bargain price of £3.50)

Usually it’s convenience. Cereals are not the healthiest of breakfasts. I often hear people tell me they don’t eat breakfast because if they do it’s the start of the whole day of grazing and snacking.

Most cereals have added sugars and preservatives. Cereals themselves are sugar. (That’s what carbohydrates are – sugar). So by starting the day with sugar, we start the sugar spike and dip throughout the whole day.

We eat sugar…we have a burst of energy as our blood sugar spikes. What goes up must come down so we then have a blood sugar drop…and low energy…and cravings for more sugar…and it goes on like that throughout the day.

Have you thought about having a dinner style breakfast? So starting with some protein and veg. Sound weird? Only because it’s different! By starting your day like this you are increasing the amount of vegetables you’re having and thereby increasing your nutrient content…those lovely vitamins and minerals that our body so badly needs. The protein will keep hunger at bay and you will find that you don’t snack or feel hungry mid morning.

Scrambled eggs with spinach are a really quick and easy meal to make in the morning and one of my favourites.  SAMSUNG

But any meat or fish can be eaten for breakfast. Be adventurous and give it a try. Email me (getfit2@yahoo.co.uk) to let me know your favourite protein and veg breakfast. I’d love to hear it.

By having a protein to start the day you don’t get the sugar rush and you keep satiated…probably all the way up to lunch time.

Where we get onto lunch…that’s a blog for another day.

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