Practice Does Make Perfect

Practice makes perfect…what exercise do you want to do but find you have a block to achieving?

Maybe it’s a press-up. I have heard many times from clients ‘I can’t do press-ups’. I love to help them prove themselves wrong.

…and they do in a matter of a few weeks!
Set yourself a timetable to practice every morning before you brush your teach to practice the exercise you want to improve.

Decide how many you will practice…or for how long. 5 press-ups/2 minutes…it doesn’t have to be long.

Set yourself a progression, start off easy and when that is achievable move to the next progression.

If it is press-ups then start with a wall press, then move down to a using the bed to press your hands on, then a table press – each time moving down a little lower – then move down to the floor.

You may not be able to get your chest down to the floor but half way is better than nothing. Keep practicing every day and within a month check out your progress.

It isn’t a press-up I want to achieve, it’s the Bakasana Crane Pose. I managed 5 seconds today. Needs some tidying up but I managed to hold my body weight. So i’ll keep practicing, after all…practice makes perfect.
Penny Getfit2 practice makes perfect
I would love to see what you have achieved. Post your practice pictures to my GetFit2 Facebook page and be proud of what you have achieved.


Flood your Body with Nutrients

I need more energy!

I’ve been checking out a nutrient dense greens drink that promises to

  • speed up metabolism (i’m needing that!)
  • help with digestion and therefore bloating
  • and it also contains over 18 natural and healthy ingredients.

I’ve just ordered a tub so will tell you what it tastes like when it arrives

…and after 14 days will tell you if I can notice any difference in my health!

Watch my video

Or just go straight to the site where I purchased my tub CLICK HERE

I will post again when the tub arrives and give you an honest opinion of what it tastes like!


Look at the greens website here:


Fat Fuel

Fat is a good source of fuel

Can you make your energy last from breakfast to lunch…from lunch to dinner…from dinner to breakfast without snacking?

If you get hungry before lunch then maybe your breakfast does not contain the right macro nutrients. Too much sugar (in the form of carbohydrates – flour, grains, bread, cereals, sugar) and not enough protein and fat…yes FAT will not help your blood sugar levels

…and therefore not help you to last until lunch time for your next meal.

You burn fat when you don’t snack…so by eating 3 nutritious meals a day and not snacking in between you are allowing your body to burn its fat rather than the Penny Getfit2 mackerel saladconstant food you keep feeding on.

If you’re going to keep feeding your body it has no reason to burn the fat in your cells as you keep giving it new energy

Every meal should include protein and fat. Give it a try and notice what difference it makes.

If you would like to receive a free coaching booklet to help you with your healthy eating please complete the details below.

What’s Your Stress Perspective?

In a potentially stressful you view things can help you manage stress.

Once you learn how to deal better with stressful situations you will find your health and outlook on life considerably improve.

When you think of stress what do you think of?

Possibly getting uptight when external issues are getting to you such as...

  • your boss giving you even more work to do
  • or getting stuck in traffic which means you may miss your train...
  • or just too much to do in your life!!

Stress is caused by the mind or body not coping with life's challenges.

How you view a situation and how you respond to it is in your own hands...your individual perception of whether it is stressful or not.

Let’s take one of the examples above...

You are due to catch a train but you are stuck in traffic, real bad traffic due to a lorry dumping it’s load and causing a total blockage in the road. So you will miss the train.

There is nothing you can do about’re stuck!

You may be sitting in your car listening to the traffic reports and getting more and more stressed and irate.

Or you may put some calming music on and think ‘so I’ll get the next train’. Yes it’s inconvenient, yes it may cost you the price of another train ticket, yes you may have to delay or postpone a meeting. But how is getting stressed going to help your situation? It won’t.

In fact it will make things worse may need the loo...quickly...but where??? may start making decisions about the meeting, the train, the journey which are wrong because you’re unable to think clearly could have a heart attack!!!

 all systems of the body are effected by stress including muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine (hormones), Digestive, nervous and reproductive systems

If we put ourselves through constant stress the body never has time to recover and over time this can lead to many health issues. Here are a few that I have come across with my clients:

  • Migraines from constant muscle tension around the neck and shoulders
  • Irritable bowel syndrome causing digestive problems
  • Weight gain or loss due to digestion problems and emotional eating
  • Hormonal problems due to constant high cortisol levels creating hormone imbalances
  • Tiredness from adrenal fatigue and lack of sleep

And worse

  • High blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes

External stress is a state of mind of how you deal with a situation.

Think to yourself...what’s the worse thing that can happen? I use this question a lot and it really keeps me from getting on the stress train! Try it.

Obviously there are other stress reduction techniques such as time management, planning ahead and making lifestyle changes that will also help with stress.

What about internal stress then?

These are things for another blog. Too much information can be stressful.

Let’s just concentrate on our stress perspective for the time being.


small manageable steps to fantastic health and wellness


Dinner for Breakfast?

Does your day look something like this?

  • Breakfast – cereals and cow’s milk or toast
  • Lunch – 2 slices of bread with a meat or cheese filling
  • Dinner – pasta/potato/rice base with meat and a few veg


Who’s to say what constitutes a ‘breakfast’? Probably Mr Kellogg!

…and lunch? Maybe a ‘meal deal’ (Sandwich, drink and snack all for the bargain price of £3.50)

Usually it’s convenience. Cereals are not the healthiest of breakfasts. I often hear people tell me they don’t eat breakfast because if they do it’s the start of the whole day of grazing and snacking. » Read more

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